Over the years, by refining his art, Matt Gibb has surrounded himself with musicians who have allowed him to surpass himself. It’s in 2020 that he was ready to create his first album ″ALL THE WAY″. The concept of this project is to create a place where trust, listening and spontaneity are at the center of the creation process. The team’s creation was done very naturally with experienced musicians who are not afraid to push their limits, a team made up of friends who have the project at heart. The album was recorded and mixed at the Tone Bender Studio and Mixart which is the reference in Montreal for their vintage recording techniques. The style of the project is imbued with different colors such as Blues, Rock, Funk, Jazz and some shades of Progressive music. This concept album allows you to immerse yourself in a music where the story of his creator reveals his mystical universe to you.

The physical album (CD and download Card) will be available on March 4th, 2022. A single per month will be distributed on the web platforms from the same date. At the same time, you will also be able to discover a music video for each song every month.